The Team Behind the Best Boating App!

Find out more about the passionate team of sailors and computer scientists that are the brains behind savvy navvy.

Jelte Liebrand
CEO & Founder

Jelte took part in the Clipper Round the World yacht race in 2014. He had plenty of sailing experience, but racing from San Francisco to New York was quite a bit different from anything he'd done before. Sailing thousands of miles off-shore, he learnt how difficult navigation can be. Updating charts, downloading weather forecasts, predicting boat speed, avoiding squalls with 50+ knots of wind; it all took hours and hours below deck, plotting courses on a computer whilst hanging on at a 45 degree heel. Jelte became convinced there should be an easier way.

He spent two years researching and building the foundation for savvy navvy and in July 2017 he left his job at Google to get his vision of easy, safe navigation out to every sailor on the water.

Kevin O'Neill
Co-founder & Commercial Director

Kevin and Jelte go back 18 years, when they worked together for Symbian, creating the mobile operating system of the (then) future.

Having travelled the world for work and pleasure and worked in many industries for large companies, Kevin realised that what he really likes is working in small teams where he can be really hands-on and make a meaningful contribution. So when Jelte explained his vision for savvy navvy, Kevin jumped onboard immediately.

He has broad business experience including energy, chemicals, hardware and software. He especially enjoys interacting with customers of many lands and solving new problems. He is also a textbook neophyte sailor who looks forward to testing the company yacht. We haven’t told him we haven’t got one yet.

Hannah Cotterell
Community Manager

Born in Bermuda and raised in the Caribbean Hannah spent the better part of her life living on or near boats! An avid sailor since the age of two, Hannah mixes her knack for storytelling with a love for the sea.

Hobbies include kite surfing, BBQing, flying drones and travelling the world. Hannah also claims to be a part-time pirate.

Stefanos Mousafeiris
Lead Engineer

Stefanos, born and raised in Greece, is well accustomed to the sea, but had never sailed before joining savvy navvy. With a background in physics and a strong interest in tech, he is our developer in charge of savvy navvy’s routing algorithm, making sure we use only the best and most sophisticated maths, such that even he could navigate through the roughest seas at the touch of a button.

Stefanos loves music as well as basking in the stunning seaside views of the Mediterranean.

Tim Jones
Product Design Advisor

Tim and Jelte worked together at Google My Business; the team that helps put businesses on Google Maps. Before that he was the principle designer for YouTube mobile apps.

He has been sailing since his teens when he learnt to sail a dinghy on the Firth of Forth in a force 8. He has crewed regularly on a concrete 40ft yacht out of Pin Mill, Ipswich and now has his own sailing canoe.

David Cusworth
Community Partnership Manager

Meet David, our super awesome Community Partnership Manager!

David has worked on and around the sea pretty much his whole life. Joining the Royal Navy at 16, racing around the world as part of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race then working shore-side on multiple round the world races. David is an RYA Yachtmaser, has sailed over 300,000 miles and is passionate about sailing and seamanship.

As our Community Partnerships Manager David will work closely with the team to grow our network of savvy users around the globe to help us grow over the coming years.

Chris Whatley
Growth Hacker

Chris found sailing in his early twenties spending most weekends racing yachts along the UK’s East Coast. A move to the South Coast in 2010 has allowed him to move his passion for sailing into his work life as a digital-focused marketing manager.

As our Growth Hacker Chris is tasked with growing the savvy navvy community and overseeing our marketing activity.

When not sailing you can find Chris cycling in the forest, paddle boarding and/or stopping his kids from ruling the house!

Matthew Holwill
Lead Geospatial Research Scientist

Matt started sailing dinghies in his early teens in North Wales and went on to become an RYA senior dinghy instructor.

After earning a PhD in physics he wanted to combine his love of sailing and research. Matt is responsible for modelling tidal currents and extracting meaningful data from satellite imagery to enhance the savvy navvy experience.

He's also always looking for a good opportunity to get out on the water!

Andy Sykes
Marketing Strategist

Andy grew up in a seaside town in Dublin and, having spent his childhood sailing, kayaking and rowing, is passionate about all things related to the water. Prior to joining savvy navvy he worked in various marketing and business development roles for technology companies in both Germany and Ireland. He met Jelte through a network for Google alumni and, after researching the app in more detail, became convinced that he and the team were on to something special. Following weeks of consistent nagging, he managed to convince Jelte to give him a job and the rest, as they say, is history.

Alexey Landyrev

Alexey was born and raised in Russia, Moscow, far away from the sea...but two years before joining savvy navvy he had his first sailing trip in Turkey and completely fell in love with it. So now here he is helping to build the best leisure boating app in the world!

Before savvy navvy Alexey worked as a tech lead building Russian and Ukrainian IT startups (, He also worked as a Product Manager in Yandex (it's like Google but the Russian one).

In addition to sailing, Alexey loves traveling, listening to and playing music, hiking, and snowboarding.


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